Performance KIMA: I AM at the Baltic Art Form

Analema Group presents KIMA

4 June, 6 pm-11 pm


Performance ‘I AM’ for four performers and audience in three languages from the Baltic countries

By Evgenia Emets and Ben Zucker


Analema Group presents the participatory sound and visual performance KIMA, exploring sounds of the languages from the Baltic region through a multi-lingual poem by Evgenia Emets and a composition created in collaboration with Ben Zucker, performed by the audience and a choir.

Analema Group presents a site specific, immersive interactive art performance at the Gala Night of the Baltic Art Form. ‘KIMA: I AM’ will explore the relationships between music and light, sound and color, spoken word and written image.

The audience will be invited to co-create together with a choir a vocal and visual space within the Saint Sepulchre Church. Participants will become part of the recitation of a poetry piece which is both sonic and visual, their voices will become colour, light and form. A composition will emerge from all the voices taking part in the performance.

A poem ‘I AM’ created in visual and sonic form reflects on the Baltic culture through the three languages, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian, their common roots and their differences. The poem is present in the space as a graphic score and inspiration for the performers. Members of audience will be given a fragment of poetry at the beginning of the evening and will be invited to participate in co-creating a sonic version of the poem.

Poem and performance created by Evgenia Emets, vocal interpretation by Ben Zucker.

Performance by: Evgenia Emets, Kate Smith, Mārtiņš Baumanis, Uran Apak.


Baltic Art Form info

Address: St Sepulchre’s Church, Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2DQ

Background of KIMA project

KIMA creates a visual representation of sound, relating music to visual form in real time. KIMA – meaning ‘wave’ in ancient Greek (‘kyma’) – interprets music as an interplay of light and form, it is an artistic quest for a new reading of sound. The project enables collaborative participation in the process of music making and listening, investigating visual properties of sound. KIMA was first presented to audiences at Kinetica Art Fair 2013. In 2014 Kima was invited to be part of the ICT & Art Connect at Watermans Art Centre in London. In 2014 Kima was commissioned for an installation at Bournemouth University, Kinetica Art Fair and Union Chapel. Performance at Union Chapel in 2015 transformed Union Chapel’s ornate wooden ceiling into a canvas for visual music.


Analema Group

 Analema Group is a London based Europe-wide arts collective, a group of artists, researchers, programmers and sound designers. Analema Group’s core team consists of Evgenia Emets (Artistic Director), Oliver Gingrich (Producer), Alain Renaud (Sound Designer), Paulo Ricca Artist Media Agency (Visual Development), Sean Soraghan (Sound Analysis) and Katerina Loshchinina (Project Manager). Analema Group aims to create new experiences on the intersection between art and technology. Analema Group’s mission is to reflect on the nature of perception, exploring the relationships between sound, colour, light, movement and form. Analema Group presents participatory art and music filling the gap between performers and audiences.


Evgenia Emets-1.jpgEvgenia Emets is a poet and artist. Sound, word, poetry, drawing are the primary elements of her current work. Through installation and performance work she creates experiences, which invite to question the boundaries of perception. Participants come into a direct experience with layers of reality, observing their own physical, psychic and emotional responses. She graduated with an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London in 2008. She is currently based in London. She worked in Moscow with Stella Art Foundation throughout 2005-2008, exhibiting internationally with projects 108, Europe, The Elements of Light. In 2007 she moved to London launching experimental work: Okean X (2007) and Manta Ray (2008). She is Artistic Director and Founder of Analema Group, which created projects throughout 2010 – 2015: A-Field, Root A, Khaos and Kima.


8b07b7_8de890ed418b49118d2b780e7df6e64a.jpgRecent phrases Ben Zucker has begun using in describing his work include “object relations”, “situation creation”, and “human algorithms”. Said work includes concert music, improvisation, electronica, and performance art; it has taken him recently to premieres and shows at the New York Fringe Festival, Northwestern University New Music Conference, the Banff Centre, and the Audio Branding Academy Congress in Berlin (where he was recognized as a “Young Composer Talent!”). Ben is a recent graduate of Wesleyan University, and currently resides in London, where he is an MA student at Brunel University.



Mārtiņš Baumanis is a sound explorer, currently pursuing a MMus in Leadership at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He uses his voice, electronics, the piano and anything in between to create meaningful sounds, both as a composer and a performer. Originally from Latvia, he maintains an important connection to the ever singing and musically prodigious Baltic country. Sound for him is a way to break barriers, to shoot right through the inhibitions and reservations of people. Sound can avoid all the rituals of human interaction and get straight to the point, straight to one’s inner being, and in this elusive ether work very efficiently to perform social actions and bring people closer to each other.



Kate headshot-148.jpgKate Smith is a multi-genre vocalist earning her Masters in Leadership at Guildhall School of Music. Her most recent operatic role was Cinderella in Thousand Furs, performed at Kings Place as part of the Tete a Tete Opera Festival (August 2015). Prior to moving to London, she worked as a video producer and singer in Beijing, China. In addition, she produced and performed her own cabaret shows focused on the history and music of Weimar-era Germany, and Shanghai jazz from the 1920s.


Uran Apak portrait small.jpgUran Apak is a multimedia artist and voice tutor. He holds an MA in Sonic Arts from Goldsmiths University. Uran’s Istanbul based Nu Park project focuses on theatrical, audio-visual and improvised performance. Uran’s London based project WILDEAST is a fusion of Turkish influences with electronic music. Uran also sings and performs with TIC – The Improvisers’ Choir. Since 2013, Uran has been facilitating the Voice DNA workshop that allows people to discover their unique voice. Uran is also an award-winning film composer and is currently working on his solo music.,

Performance KIMA: I AM at the Baltic Art Form

Analema Group Team: who is who?

Following last year successful development for the performance of KIMA at Union Chapel, Analema Group is joined by two new members – Katerina Loschinina and Sean Soraghan.

Below is an intro about each member of Analema Group:

Evgenia Emets, MA Fine Arts Central Saint Martins, founder and Artistic Director of Analema Group has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Oliver Gingrich, EngD Candidate, MA Fine Arts Central Saint Martins. Oliver is Art Director with 10-year-long professional experience. Oliver joined Analema Group in 2011 as Producer.

Alain Renaud, PHD, is a Sound Designer and telepresence expert with extensive experience in networked performances (IRCAM Paris, Siggraph, CCRMA Stanford).

Marcel Schwittlick, a creative coder, visual developer and artist, with a key interest in generative, real-time software development. Following the Union Chapel performance, Marcel continues as Visual Developer as part of Analema Group.

Sean Soraghan, a research-focussed programmer specialising in audio and graphics-based development. Currently completing an EngD involving the research and development of 3D graphics-based interfaces for musical timbre manipulation.

Katerina Loschinina has a background in mathematics and investment banking as well as in organising art performances and art festivals. Katerina contributes with project management and mathematical know-how.

Analema Group Team: who is who?

KIMA installation and performance at Incloodu Deaf Arts Festival 2015 at Rich Mix London

KIMA was part of the Incloodu festival at Rich Mix – Deaf Arts Festival. We have presented an installation in collaboration with Robert Jack’s vibration chair. Audience could sit on the chair, sing into the microphones and experience sound as vibration through the surface of the chair and in visual form on the screen.


KIMA installation INcloodu1 copy



In the evening KIMA performance featured Nao Masuda – percussion, Jonathan Cope – voice, and Evgenia Emets – voice.


Performance KIMA INcloodu

KIMA installation and performance at Incloodu Deaf Arts Festival 2015 at Rich Mix London

Video from Kima at Kinetica 2014 installation

KIMA was setup with two microphones for two sound inputs, used by up to two people at a time. Two sets of headphones present an immersive sound design: each one of the participants can hear one another as well as beautiful spatial arrangements – as if being in a large hall with wonderful acoustics.

Participants experience a real-time visualisation of their sonic collaboration – expressed in cymatic pattern projected on the screen.



Copyright: Analema Group

Video from Kima at Kinetica 2014 installation