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Kima at International Youth Arts Festival

Analema Group presented Kima performance at the International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston College in July 2014. Satoko Fukuda (composer and musician) worked with us to improvise with Kima – inspired by the way the sound waves appear in the visual form, she created a narrative, where longer and lower pitch sounds slowly change into the ‘Accelerando’ higher pitch sounds. The piece is a 10 min long artistic response to Kima as a musical tool, interface and visual sound instrument.

Analema Group: Evgenia Emets (Artistic Director), Oliver Gingrich (Producer), Alain Renaud (Sound Design)

Joe Pochciol (Visual programming)

Satoko Fukuda (Music improvisation, performance)

Kumiko Tani (Costume)

Transmission paper published in Leonardo Journal

“Transmission: A Telepresence Interface for Neural and Kinetic Interaction” has been presented at Siggraph this year and published in Leonardo journal by Oliver Gingrich, Alain Renaud, Eugenia Emets and Zhidong Xiao (Special Siggraph Issue). 

Leonardo Cover

Transmission publication in Leonardo link

Kima at the International Youth Festival in Kingston 23 July 2014

ANALEMA GROUP is happy to announce new Kima performance featuring violin improvisation by Satoko Fukuda.

This year we are invited to be part of International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston with our cymatic live sound visualisation performance. Following successful Arts Council funding we take Kima to the next level this year with a series of installations and performances, including the one you are invited to.

KIma invite

Join us for an evening of performances at the ACT Mainhouse on Wednesday the 23rd of July at 20:30 and prepare to enter “Kawaakari”, an audio visual spectacular like no other. Digital and performance art go hand-in-hand for one night only, in this unique exploration of light and dark.

The event features a number of unusual and extraordinary acts by Analema Group, Kimatica and Conte Lumiere, performing under the same roof for the first time ever.

All this plus an after-show Q&A make Kawaakari an unmissable event for any 16+ theatregoers, digital artists, techies, dancers, performers, visual artists or anyone else on the lookout for something bold, brilliant and brand-new. Don’t miss Kawaakari – the audio visual spectacular like no other.

Analema Group:

Evgenia Emets
Oliver Gingrich
Alain Renaud
Joe Pochciol
Performance: Satoko Fukuda
Costume: Kumiko Tani

Tickets £8. Book yours soon as there are only limited number available. Call 079 60 84 1919 or email


Arthur Cotterell Theatre
Kingston College
Kingston Hall Road
Kingston Upon Thames

Kima at Festival of Learning 2014


KIMA at Festival of Learning at Bournemouth University 9-12 June 2014

ANALEMA GROUP will be exhibiting KIMA at the Festival of Learning at Bournemouth University 9-12 June.

Experience the intrinsic relationship between vision and sound with this interactive art piece. There are two installations; the first immerses you in a purely sonic experience while the other allows you to modify and interact with real time representations of sound. This telepresence setup allows for new experiences of presence, of interaction and of the realm of the audio visual.

Kima performance at ICT & Art Connect at Watermans Art Centre in London

The documentation of the performance featuring Dane Hurst  (Choreography, dance performance), Satoko Fukuda (Composition, violin, improvisation), Georg Meyer Wiel (Costume Designer), Carolyn Hagley (Costume Maker) by Analema Group

Kima at Art & Technology Futures performance

Analema Group is part of the Art & Technology Futures at Watermans Arts Centre at Kew 18/19 January

Dane Hurst at Kima rehearsal at Watermans Arts Centre

Dane Hurst at Kima rehearsal at Watermans Arts Centre

Kima will be performed by Dane Hurst (movement) and Satoko Fukuda (Violin) in the evening of the 18th January, at 19.00. Free event!


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